Annual New Zealand 2023

Rimufest 4th Annual Festival

4th - 9th January 2023, Tauranga NZ


RimuFest Chamber Music Festival, founded by Amelia Taylor and Alejandro Larumbe, is a 6-day summer chamber music programme for beginner to advanced string players between the ages of 7-18.

Students come together in a social setting using teamwork and leadership skills to create music while expanding their understanding of chamber music and strengthening their own individual ability.

Students will participate in: daily chamber coachings and rehearsals | orchestra | private lessons | masterclasses | Alexander Technique | performance opportunities

RimuFest offers two programmes for all levels of string players:

Our beginner chamber music programme is for the student that has little or no experience in chamber music. This programme is teacher led. Throughout the 6 days (9am - 12:30pm) students will work on a chamber piece as a group learning how to play together, how to lead and how to follow, including other chamber music skills. Students will be divided into smaller groups for the final concert.

Our full chamber music programme (9am - 2:45pm) is for the student that has some to a lot of experience in chamber music or other types of ensembles. This programme is student led. Students work together in small groups, either a trio, quartet or quintet with guidance from our high-caliber coaches. Students have the opportunity to premier commissioned works by NZ composers and have the experience of working directly with the composer.

How to apply

  • • Fill out the application form
  • • Upload audition video to Youtube performing one piece of no more than 5 minutes in length that demonstrates your technical and musical ability.


What is a chamber group / Chamber music?

Broadly speaking it means music that is performed by a small number of musicians and one person per part. At RimuFest you will typically see groups of 3, 4 or 5. Chamber music has been described as “The music of friends”

What is a rehearsal?

This is when the chamber group gets together and figures out how to put each part of the music together. Other things involved during this time are making musical decisions together. At RimuFest students will have a room assigned to them to rehearse during the day without a teacher in the room. However there's always a teacher floating by.

What is a coaching?

This is like a rehearsal but with a teacher/coach in the room providing constructive criticism, helping the students work together, nutting out musical ideas, providing inspiration for the group to then go and work on their piece some more.

What is a masterclass?

This is the group's chance to practice the performance of their piece and how to present themselves in front of an audience. To see what worked or didn’t work from the rehearsal/coaching. RimuFest provides students with Masterclasses everyday to allow students to learn how to perform and to get additional comments from all the coaches.

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