Term 3

Holiday Programme

RimuFest Term 3 Holiday Programme is an opportunity to build your knowledge and skill of the viola alongside the prestigious Donald Maurice. In these four days students will experience joy in learning, bonding and performing with friends.

Rimufest's Term 3 Holiday Program

2nd - 5th October 2021

* Last day to register: September 4th

We’re excited to bring back RimuFest’s Holiday Programme. This is an opportunity for both violinists and violists aged 7yrs-16yrs to work closely with Donald Maurice on the viola. All violinists will have use of a viola during the programme.

During our Four-day holiday programme, students will participate in the RimuFest Viola ensemble (led by Donald Maurice and Amelia Taylor). Students will take part in the student concert as well as learning the alto clef among other classes.

About Donald Maurice

Donald was until retiring in 2020 Professor of Music at Victoria University of Wellington. He has performed internationally for four decades as a solo violist and chamber musician and has given world premieres and New Zealand premieres of many works. He has presented at twenty International Viola Congresses.

Why viola?

All string instruments play an important role, however, while the viola is an essential part of many ensembles, it is often forgotten. In chamber and orchestral music, the viola’s role is often to be the glue between the melody and harmony and plays the inner harmonies and rhythmic figures. It is also given beautiful melodies and moments to shine too.

With the instrument being a crossbreed between the cello and the violin, it is able to play all of their music and its own, making it to be a very versatile and unique instrument. Composers today are now favoring the viola and its uniqueness in tone and colour and the versatility of the instrument.

Can a violinist play viola?

With similar techniques, young violinist can easily pick up the deep and warm sounding viola. Learning both instruments will benefit you in multiple ways. Your technique will improve on the violin such as intonation awareness, Bow technique and tone production and you will have the opportunity to experience different roles in chamber and orchestra music.

Violas have a bigger size range than violin so you can easily find your perfect match.